Going to California (Finally!)

Next week begins the interview, scouting. relocating, and marketing process in Los Angeles. I’m traveling to town to visit family and develop Saberdog LLC as a marketing consulting firm. It’s been a long journey – I started working on www.saberdog.com in 2005.

Back then I used various web authoring tools (such as Microsoft Frontpage and MX 2004). These days I can just type on a Bluetooth keyboard on an Android phone on my website (or anyone can, and we can help you get set up!). I’m personally very excited at the potential prospects of legitimate business development that has previously been distant from my responsibilities and capabilities. Now, not only can I, I should.

I’ll be going to Long Beach from Albuquerque June 25. I’ll arrive in the duration it takes for travel, and will be able to return the car I drive to the spot it has been. I’ll be able to take my puppy, Am (he’s the wae) to the beach for the first time. On top of that, I’ll be there promoting my business with all the tools I will need to create a significant impact.

Did you know that you can be listed on www.saberdog.com/artists for as little as $25 a month?

Exclusive offer for Artists!

Hi there! There’s some great news in store for Saberdog.com (Since 2005). We are now an officially-registered LLC. That means great things for everyone. Now, instead of being limited to a single-person design firm, we can extend our marketing capabilities for you.

What’s in it for me?

I’m glad you hypothetically asked! The answer is free income potential for all who wish to sell online! We are creating an art collective of people interested in selling prints of their work. It costs nothing to sign up if you have a product for sale / design available, and if you don’t, we can help you create one! 80% of net sales become yours, while the remaining 20% goes towards maintenance fees, such as listing on this site, and ad campaigns / marketing to drive customers to your wares.

Does this sound AWESOME? Please email us detailing your product at saberdogproductions@gmail.com, with the email subject PRINT ON DEMAND, and we’ll get back to you.

Thanks so much for all the support over the years.


Welcome to the Journey!

Hi everyone!  Did you know that www.saberdog.com has been a registered website since 2005, and has been the testing ground for many social projects and CMSes over the years?

Well, you do now.

Coming soon:  Modular cat furniture, an original idea of Saberdog Productions.  Also, more things are gonna happen.  Just you wait.